Observations of a WASH TA

Observations of a W.A.S.H. TA

What is WASH?

W.A.S.H. (Workshop in Art Studio and History) is an intro art program held at Sam Houston State University. Taught by Bill Davenport and Kathryn Kelley, it is the first step on the path to earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at SHSU.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Every year WASH students are put into groups and are told to make inflatable structures and put them up around main campus. Here is this years:

Group 1

 This groups Creature was fun and well made but i wish it had been more interactive.

Group 2

This group gave away prizes depending on the tickets you caught. Iwon a roll of TP. Fun and interactive idea, but they really stretched the term "inflatable". Too much in my opinion. There was nothing inflated just plastic supported by a wooden structure.
 Group 3

This group made a mobile rave tent DJ included.

Group 4

  Ididn't get a chance to go in this one, but it was a mobile movie theater.  when I went through WASH my group did something similar.

Group 5
 I thought it was interesting that this group chose to go monochromatic.

Group 6

 This group made an inflatable tic tac toe board.


Wash Students Make Stencils

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Mark up a Page

Students making non representational art with non traditional utensils.

Students dipped utensils in India ink and transferred it to paper. This method was creative but not very successful.

similar methods with different aesthetics


mark-making mechanics (above)

I have to say this was my absolute favorite solution because it took a certain level of commitment, the whole body was turned in to a giant paint brush and the student couldn't quite see what they were doing. It was all motion.

Cardboard Creations

Students had to choose an object and replicate it in cardboard.

 I always find it interesting how two artists can interpret an object so differently.

some other examples

Markmaking to Music

Students were asked to bring in a variety of nontraditional mark-making utensils and draw to the beat of several different songs.